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Work Package 9

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DisseminationProf. A. Esmail

Lead: The School of Community Based Medicine,
University of Manchester, UK.

Contact: Professor Aneez Esmail

Description of work

Dissemination remains crucial to the effectiveness of this programme of work. There are two related areas of dissemination. One requires close collaboration and sharing of information between the work packages – making sure that ideas and actions which are being developed in one work package and which may be relevant to other work packages are highlighted and incorporated into the work that is being done. The main channel for doing this will be through the web portal and effective co-ordination. Open source software, the use of ‘wikis’ and the timely sharing of information from workshops and conferences can enhance this aspect of dissemination. We already work collaboratively in many areas and we believe that we can build on our existing networks and collaborations to ensure that this aspect of dissemination is effective.

The second area of dissemination is more difficult and requires us to transmit the knowledge to new partners and to researchers, policy makers and clinicians who have little knowledge in this area and who need a significant amount of information and support in order to make use of the information that we can provide. The web portal will be critical to this work, allowing new partners to access and download materials to enable them to develop their own work. We will in addition provide an interactive access point which can respond to requests for help and information, delivering this from the co-ordination centre. Our international conferences and workshops will be widely publicised and will enable us to disseminate some of the findings from our collaboration. We also have a responsibility to disseminate our work to policy makers and researchers in this area and will use traditional methods of publication in scientific journals and conference presentations to influence this group of people. We have proposed paying for a journal supplement in Quality and Safety in Healthcare to bring together all the outputs from this co-ordination activity at the end of the programme and publish them in a peer-reviewed journal.

A dissemination strategy will be developed by the partners, lead by The University of Manchester. This document will indicate the methods that we will employ to ensure as wide as possible awareness and engagement with the work of the collaboration. It will also develop which stakeholder groups and individuals are best targeted by the collaboration’s dissemination activity as well as identifying key individuals to target for dissemination. This document will be reviewed at the end of the first year of the project to address any changes in audience, outputs or other factors.

At this stage, it is clear that the project has relevance to a wide range of audiences and the main target groups for the results of the research identified are:

  • Policy and governmental stakeholders.
  • National patient safety agencies.
  • Academic community.
  • General public.

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