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'Thanks so much for a wonderfully stimulating and educational conference. I must admit I learned a lot and also felt I was able to give a lot to my colleagues who attended' 

Kevin Wood, Practice Manager, Ayrshire and Arran Co-ordinator for The Scottish Practice Management Development Network


''I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, have learned a lot and have ideas on how to take patient safety forward within the practice'

Susan Hogarth, Practice Manager










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Frankfurt  18 & 19 September 2012

Patient Safety in Primary Care: Developing the policy and research agenda - Lessons from the Linneaus Collaboration.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt 

Developing health policy for patient safety in primary care:

  • Patient safety in primary care is a significantly under researched public health and quality issue which does not currently receive the funding and national priority that it warrants. There is a perception of primary care as a low technology environment where safety is not a problem and which therefore engenders lower investment in safety research than does the acute sector.
  • However, in virtually all European countries, most patients receive their care from primary care physicians and primary care constitutes a significant medium for the delivery of health care. The potential for adverse events is therefore huge but the knowledge base about patient safety in this context is still small.
  • We aimed to bring together policy makers and researchers from EU countries where patient safety in primary care has been given a national priority to share and exchange information with policy makers and, researchers from countries where patient safety in primary care has not been given the national priority it deserves. Our aim was to encourage the development of national health policy which recognises the importance of improving patient safety in primary care.


Future directions in research for patient safety in primary care:

  • We will use our experience to plan the future research agenda for patient safety in primary care, discussing future challenges and funding opportunities, building on the experience of the LINNEAUS collaboration. Our aim is to develop further opportunities for collaboration to enhance our ability to access national and EU funds for future research in this area.


A series of presentations on the importance of safety in primary care, safety culture, diagnostic error and the epidemiology and prevention of medication error are available below:


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1. Welcome | Aneez Esmail (UK)

2. What we Have Done to put UK Primary Care on the map | Aneez Esmail (UK)

3. What we Have Done to put Dutch Primary Care on the map | Wim Verstappen - The Netherlands

4. Importance of Involving Patients | Margaret Murphy - WHO Patients for Patient Safety

5. Patient Involvement | Joses Valderas (UK)

6. Art of the Possible – What can we do? | Kerstin Klemp & Martin Beyer (Germany), Maciek Godycki-Cwirko (Poland)

Coming Soon!

7. Patient Safety Culture | Dianne Parker (UK)

8. Developing a Taxonomy of Errors in Primary Care | Kerstin Klemp (Germany)

9. Medication Safety for Policy Makers | Andreas Sonnichsen (Austria)

10. Developing Interventions for Patient Safety in Nascent Organisations | Maciek Godycki-Cwirko (Poland)

11. The LINNEAUS Implementation | Yannis Skalkidis (Greece)


12. Developing a Conceptual Framework for Patient Safety Indicators in Primary Care | Eva Frigola (Spain)

13. Future Research Perspectives on Patient Safety in Primary Care | The View from Australasia

14. Developments in North America regarding Patient Safety – What USA are doing / What needs to be Appraised | Bob Phillips (USA)

15. Future Developments for Patient Safety Research in General Practice in the UK | Tony Avery (UK)

16. Interactive Summary of Day One | Aneez Esmail

17. WHO Initiatives in Patient Safety in Primary Care | Itziar Larizgoitia (WHO)

This conference received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework programme FP7/ 2007-2013 under grant agreement no. 223424 (LINNEAUS: Learning from International Networks about Errors and Understanding Safety in Primary Care).