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Our specific objectives are:

  • The development of a taxonomy of adverse events and errors to be used in primary care.
  • To co-ordinate and develop a taxonomy to enable a comparison of adverse events and errors across primary care in different European countries.
  • To agree and implement a standardised reporting system for adverse events and errors in the primary care setting which can be used on a Europe wide basis.
  • To identify the methodological problems associated with measuring error rates, researching diagnostic delay, medication errors and understanding safety from the perspective of patients and develop proposals for funding at national level which will address these issues.
  • To develop taxonomies for assessing diagnostic delay in the primary care setting and identify interventions which can be tested in future clinical trials.
  • To further understand the role of culture and leadership in improving patient safety, building on existing work with a view to develop a Europe wide tool for the assessment of safety culture in the primary care setting.
  • To develop a consensus statement and identify indicators from routine data to identify patient safety outcomes which can be used as performance measures.
  • To identify methods to involve patients in patient safety initiatives in primary care and disseminate information on best practice for involving patients in primary care safety.
  • Collect evidence and develop best practice guidelines for improving patient safety across multiple clinical settings, focusing on safety culture, diagnosis, medication errors.
  • To identify best practice in learning from adverse events and errors and develop toolkits for patient safety improvement which can be used in primary care settings across all partner countries.
  • To disseminate our work widely and help develop an understanding and development of patient safety initiatives in primary care organisations from member countries where the development of patient safety is still nascent.
  • To bring together clinicians and researchers from across the EU who could form the nucleus of a future group to conduct multi-centred intervention trials to improve patient safety in primary care.